Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways a crook or con man can use the card after it is sold to us. I won’t go into the different ways other than to say they are all illegal and when it is done we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This is why it is very important to not cash a card in for someone else. You could be a victim as well!
A gift card is purchased by someone who usually intends to give it to someone as a gift or use it themselves later. Gift cards are paid for with cash, credit card, or check. The face amount is usually what they paid for the card. They are usually in even amounts such as $50, $100, $200, $500 etc.

A store credit in most cases looks like a gift card. Sometimes it will say “Store Credit” and sometimes it says “gift card” even though it is a store credit. An actual store credit is received for returning merchandise to the store when the person does not have a receipt. If you have a receipt, they will give you the total cash back, or credit it to your bank card. So be sure you keep all of your receipts.
If someone you do not know offers to pay you to cash in a gift card or store credit, TELL THEM NO! Why? – There are people out there who are scammers. They want you to sign the transfer agreement which makes you responsible. YOU guarantee the card will not be used after you sell it to us. The Problem? -After you cash in the card for them, they use it, leaving you to pay it back. They know we will come after you, not them. They get away clean, but you have to pay back the amount of the card, fees, interest, and face criminal charges. We report all theft to the Local Police Dept.
The Gift Card, your Driver’s license, the receipt for the Gift Card, and your cell phone.
That is a tricky question because each card pays us a different percentage. What we pay depends on the store, and the dollar amount on the card. For example, the stores that pay the best are Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart. The bigger the card the bigger percentage we pay. We work off of a small percentage so on smaller cards, say under $100 we don’t have as much to work with so the percentage is less. We can pay up to 75% on bigger cards and VISA gift cards. We must be fair because we buy more gift cards than anyone in Arizona. We are in the top 25 nationwide, of individually owned gift card buying businesses.
We are a bulk seller. We sell all of our cards to giant resellers who, in turn, sell them to the end user via websites and contract agreements. Right now we do not sell any cards to individuals but we are looking for local construction contractors who are looking to buy Home Depot and Lowe’s in bulk.
A bulk seller is a merchant who buys thousands of dollars in gift cards and store credits and then sells them in large lots, (bulk), to a company that will sell them online to the end user. You could liken a bulk seller to a middle man. The bulk seller buys from individuals, then sells them in bulk to another company. The retailer buys in bulk, from the bulk seller, then sells to individuals.
We are an Arizona Licensed Gift Card Buying business. We are providing you with cash right now so we want to know who we are giving our money to. Unfortunately, there are people who run scams, so it is important that we protect ourselves. If a card goes bad we need to be able to get in touch with the person who sold it to us. The information is secure and will never be given to anyone else. The only exception to that rule is if we must contact law enforcement to prosecute scammers.
If there is a problem with a card we have to be able to get a hold of you. We also have a monthly drawing for cash prizes in which we call our winners.
This is another avenue we use to communicate with our customers in the event of a problem with a card, change in store hours, upcoming events or specials etc.
The first thing we do is give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We call you and give you the opportunity to come in and make the card good. If you come in within 48 hours we won’t even charge you any fees. If it is later than that, there are additional fees and interest you will have to pay. We will even work out a payment arrangement. If you still don’t pay, then we know you are a scammer and we take the following actions:

· We report them to the National Gift Card Buyers Association so they can’t sell to anyone else.
· We turn them over to collections and they are reported to all three credit bureaus.
· We get a judgment and garnish present or future wages.
· We file a theft report with the local Police Department. *Amounts over $250 are a Felony.*

If the card is used online after the time and date sold to CFC Financial, LLC., then they have committed Federal Wire Fraud. If a card is used in any fashion after it is transferred to CFC it is considered theft. Any amount over $250 is a Felony.